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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Anti-racism for Environmentalists

"There can be no green movement unless there is a also a black, brown and copper movement ... our house is literally burning, and it is only logical that environmentalists expect the social-justice movement to get on the environmental bus. But it is the other way around, the only way we are going to put out the fire is to get on the social justice bus and heal our wounds, because in the end, there is only one bus." ~Paul Hawken

Sustainability Network recently held an Anti-Racism for Environmentalists workshop for the collaborative members in the Environment & Diversity Project. Led by Anu Radha Verma and Muna Ali, the jam-packed day included activities and case studies that addressed social location, everyday racism, institutional racism and systemic racism, environmental justice and environmental racism, a discussion about definitions and a learning session on the history of Canada and colonization. It was great day to learn about each other and about how move the movement forward.

We thought we'd post a couple of the documents Anu and Muna put together for us for you to download - an excellent terminology/definitions list with selected reading and comparison chart of multiculturalism vs. anti-racism. Both are available on the Sustainability Network website.

More about our facilitators:

Anu Radha Verma has lived and worked in Toronto, Peterborough, Mississauga and New Delhi. She is intensely concerned with issues of social justice and has engaged in work around issues of race, gender, sexuality and the environment.

Muna Abdulkadir Ali is a Masters student in Sociology at York University in Toronto, Canada. Her interests include: environmental justice, transnational sexualities, feminist theories, and anti-racism as well as anti-colonial work/organizing.

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