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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Questions we often come back to is what is diversity? What is Inclusion? What is beyond the set definitions of diversity and inclusion?

The journey to understand Diversity and Inclusion is not an easy one. It has its own dynamics, it own embedded understandings. Understanding diversity and practicing inclusion is not a destination in itself but rather a process.

The notion of Inclusion has its nuances that are constantly evolving. This was one of my many learnings being a part of the Environment and Diversity project back in 2011. I guess it brought in me that awareness, a reflective sense and rather enthused me to ask the right questions, to at least realize that the possibilities of those questions exist.

So many articles, so many images, so many presentations, so many conferences and meets happen almost every day across the world and across the sections. Are we asking questions because it is in the air, because it has beginning to affect us or because somewhere one feels that we can no longer ignore the inevitable? Today we constantly make an attempt to atleast locate the problems, locate alternates and discuss the challenges.

The effort is now to understand and reflect these very nuances and their inter-linkages in varied ways of society, science, technology, education and development at large. The very sense that inclusion is not merely about passively including the excluded, nor is it merely about internationalization, but rather practicing inclusion as a natural part of the extended diverse group.

If only diversity and inclusion is not considered as an agenda to be achieved. If only diversity and inclusion is seen as an extension and a part of policies, people, development and progress.

If only one considers what matters in truest sense; there is however a long way to know with an absolute certainty if there is a paradigm shift in making, and will it really show in due time. After all, the garden would certainly look prettier with cherry plum peach and damson together. Would it not?