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Thursday, September 23, 2010

HR Council launches new project to increase cultural diversity in Canadian nonprofits

The HR Council recently launched a new project to increase the cultural diversity of Canadian nonprofits.

The project aims to:
  • identify key issues preventing nonprofits from accessing the talents of visible minorities
  • deliver practical and realistic outcomes to help the sector develop a more inclusive labour force
This is an important project because cultural diversity in the nonprofit sector is very low - take a look at the following statistics from the HR Council’s 2008 survey of nonprofit employers and employees:
  • 6% identified themselves as a visible minority (compared to16.2% visible minority across Canada)
  • 88.9% of respondents were born in Canada
  • 8.6% born outside of Canada (compared to 19.8% foreign-born across Canada)
  • 1.8% considered as landed immigrants
The HR Council is introducing the project and seeking questions, thoughts and perspectives during an interactive, live conversation today at 1pm EST. Sustainability Network will be joining the discussion because we are working to improve the diversity of environmental nonprofits.

Will you be joining the conversation?

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