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Welcome to Sustainability Network's Environment & Diversity Blog!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Welcome to Sustainability Network's Environment & Diversity blog.

Here you will find information and updates on the Environment & Diversity Project, as well as helpful resources on diversity and inclusion and testimonials from Project partners about the challenges, opportunities and successes they are experiencing in their organizations.

The primary contributors to this blog are Sonia Dong, Sustainability Network's Diversity Project Manager and following interns who work within each of the partner organizations:

  • Omar Lujan, Intern, Clean Air Partnership
  • Rashmi Chawla, Intern, Community Environment Alliance
  • Deepa Hazrati, Intern, Sierra Club Ontario
  • Kasim Tirmizey, Intern, Wildlands Leauge
  • Anna Flaminio, Intern, Ecojustcie
  • Rhoda deJonge, Intern, Bay Area Restoration Council

Please check back often and leave your comments and questions.

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